Botox Wrinkle Removal

Botox Wrinkle Removal

Treatment Process

1. Apply anesthetics before treatment. Anesthetics may not be necessary if cold press is applied on the injection site.

2. The treatment time is about 5-10 minutes. A fine and short needled is used to inject Botox into the muscle. There will be slight pain. In most cases, it will feel like an insect bite, and usual social routine may resume after treatment.


Perfect Golden Ratio

The Botox starts to take effect after about 2-4 weeks, and the best result is seen at 2-3 months. The action may last up to 4-7 months, depending on the condition of individuals. The surgeon will make recommendations with regard to whether or not repeated injections are needed depending on the needs of individuals. You may also decide for yourself the number of repeated therapies you need. When the efficacy of the drug gradually wears away, wrinkles will slowly return. You may maintain the ideal therapeutic result by undergoing treatment 2-3 times a year. Clinical studies have shown that increased Botox therapy sessions will extend the effectiveness, thus gradually reducing the number of therapies needed in the future.


Suitable Sites


Targeting crow’s feet, catlike lines, forehead wrinkles, frown lines, and whole-face dynamic fine lines, Botox injections have been proven effective in eliminating wrinkles. In a nutshell, excessive messaging between motor nerves and muscles can be blocked, thereby achieving muscular relaxation. Obvious results can be seen in 3-5 days.

Creating a smaller face:

A square face is usually the result of over-developed masticatory muscles on both sides of the face, leading to the square contour of the face that appears rigid without the soft touch. Botox injections can relax muscles and cause atrophy of the over-developed muscles, thereby achieving face modification and a thinning effect.

Creating thin legs:

Over-developed calf muscles contribute to the main cause of fat legs. Botox injections can relax muscles and make the legs appear slender, thereby creating thin legs.

Antiperspirant, body odor improvement:

For underarm sweating, hand sweating, and foot sweating, the Botox injection’s mechanism involves disrupting skin bacteria, block ingsweat gland secretion, controlling the nerve endings responsible for perspiration, and inhibiting the release of chemicals that produce perspiration, thereby significantly reducing odor and the degree of hyperhidrosis.

Changing eyebrow shape:

For naturally drooping eyebrows, in addition to endoscopic endotine brow lift surgery, the temporary solution to the problem, Botox injections can also be administered to adjust the eyebrow shape and uplift the eyebrow ends.

Facial twitch:

Habitual involuntary blinking or facial muscle twitching is caused by the involuntary stiffness and contraction of muscles. By injecting Botox onto the site at which muscle twitches take place, muscle relaxation can be achieved and the occurrence will completely disappear.


1.Avoid facial massage, sleep, or strenuous exercise within 4 hours after injection to avoid side effects arising from drug diffusion.
2.A few people may experience minor side effects arising from de-wrinkle injections, such as swelling and bruising, drooping of eyelids or corners of the eyes, or headaches. These side effects are temporary and will subside within a few weeks.

3.The injection will take effect only after about one month for square face sites. A few people may experience dry mouth and bite weakness. Avoid chewing guava, beef jerky, dry squid strips, and other hard foods to achieve more lasting results.

4.For injections on fat legs, since the leg muscles are larger, the results are gradual. A few people may experience leg weakness and slight soreness during the first week or two. However, the condition will subside after a few weeks.
◆Contraindications◆Please consult a surgeon before undergoing treatment.
1.Patients with myasthenia gravis.
2.Pregnant or breast-feeding women.
3.Those with protein allergies.
4.Those with related neuromuscular disease.
5.The combined use of Aminoglycoside or Spectinomycin antibiotics is not allowed. If other neuromuscular drugs are to be used, they must be administered in very small doses.


Q:Can Botox be lethal?

A:In general, cosmetic de-wrinkling drugs are administered in small doses. The worst that could happen are facial stiffness and uncoordinated nerves. Therefore, there is no need for consumers to panic. It is recommended that products of unknown origins be avoided, and an experienced surgeon be selected. A

Q:Is Botox injection a popular cosmetic treatment?

A:According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Botox has become the top ranking cosmetic treatment procedure on the chart. In the United States, 1,600,000 people have received Botox treatment, thus making it the nation’s most popular cosmetic treatment.

Q:Are Botox injections suitable for men as well?

A:Botox injections are effective for both men and women. In the United States, more than 220,00 men have undergone Botox treatment, thus making it the top ranking cosmetic choice for men. Since Botox produces a good result for stress-related frown lines, it is popular among businessmen and politicians, as it can create an “energetic and friendly” look.

Q:Will wrinkles worsen without persistent treatment?

A:No, they will not. After several months, the wrinkles will only gradually return to the state before treatment. “Wrinkles become worse than ever” is definitely untrue.

Q:Can Botox and other cosmetic procedures be combined?

A:Botox is often combined with other facial cosmetic procedures, such as hyaluronic acid, or laser surgery in order to achieve more perfect overall results. However, please consult with a specialized doctor regarding the combined treatment before hand.