Must Know


♦Impression of Lips


People with very thin lips give the impression that they are “mean” and “heartless”

People with very thick lips give the impression that they are not“serious” or “mature” enough.


♦Ratio of Lips

Whether lips are beautiful or ugly depends on whether they match every person’s specific features, ratio appropriateness, and balance and coordination. The thickness of the upper lean and the lower lip must not exceed 1cm, and the lower lip should be slightly thicker than the upper lip (ratio: 1:1.5) to qualify as a beautiful lip shape. Moreover, the length of the face and the chin should be taken into account to have the most ideal facial combination.




Lip deformity can only be modified and beautified through cosmetic surgery. Currently, the most common lip cosmetic surgeries include: lip reduction, lip thickening, heavy lip forming, lip bow forming, lip mark forming, etc.


♦Aesthetic Standard of Lips

1. The upper lip is slightly thinner than the lower lip.

2. The lips in the relaxed state must not show teeth exceeding 0.2cm.

3. The thickness of the upper lip should occupy about 1/3 from the lower edges of the nose bridge. The thickness of the lower lip should occupy about 1/4 from the border of the upper and lower lip to the edge of the chin.

4. The upper lip has an appropriate lip mark and lower curve.

5.The lip color should be red, the edge and peak of the lips must be three-dimensional, and the corners of the mouth should be tilted slightly upwards.