Endoscopic Breast Augmentation

Endoscopic Breast Augmentation

Surgery Features

♦Greatest Advantage of Endoscopic Breast Augmentation

♦Small Wounds

The surgery is carried out through small holes instead of large incisions. With the help of the endoscope, tissues can be precisely segmented. Completely unlike the vigorous traditional a approach, postoperative hematoma and other complications are unlikely to occur.

♦ Minimum Bleeding

Endoscopic Breast Augmentation can easily bypass nerves and blood vessels, thus the minimum bleeding during surgery. There is also no need for drainage tube placement or hospitalization.

♦Less Pain

Endoscopic Breast Augmentation cuts muscles open using electro-coagulation. Unlike the vigorous traditional approach that tears muscles, pain is greatly reduced (this fact was proven when the client returned for a re-visit on her scooter the second day).

♦Breast Symmetry; Higher Likelihood of a Cleavage

Surgical Approach

A metal tube with an electronic lens at the terminal is placed into the small incision measuring less than 2cm. Enlarged images of the surgical site are transmitted to the TV monitor to see clearly the muscular tissue structure under pectoralis major and the direction of the nerves and blood vessels, in order to easily avoid the nerves and blood vessels. Then, using a specially made elongated surgical instrument and special electro-coagulation stripper and instrument, safe and precise stripping surgery was carried out. Since an adequate space below pectoralis major can be precisely stripped, the height can be easily controlled, thus the more precise breast implant location and unlikeliness of uneven heights. This surgery can overcome the disadvantage of traditional breast augmentation relying entirely on the sense of touch.


The specialized endoscopic breast augmentation stripper instrument can safety and clearly avoid every nerve and blood vessels, making postoperative pain no longer a nightmare.


♦Endoscopic Breast Augmentation VS. Traditional Breast Augmentation


Location of incision
Differed heights easily result
Height more easily controlled
Amount of bleeding
Hematoma more likely/a drainage ball required
Lower than 10cc/drainage ball not required
Degree of pain
High/long recovery period
Low/short recovery period


♦Location of Breast Implant


Location of Breast Implant
Endoscopic breast augmentation under pectoralis major
Endoscopic breast augmentation above pectoralis major
The breast implant is placed blow the pectoralis major. A far as “touch” is concerned, since it is covered by pectoralis major, compared to placement under pactoralis major, there is a more real and softer touch. Externally, the breast shape is a beautiful teardrop with a cleavage. The breast also swings naturally.
The breast implant is placed above the pectoral is major. Since it is not covered by pectoralis major, the breast implant can be felt. Therefore, it is suitable for use by individuals whose breast size is above B cup or with thicker breast tissue. Currently, it has not been scientifically proven breast augmentation under the fascia above the pectorals major, compared to that under the pectoralis major, has a lower capsular contracture rate.


◆Requiring a Girdle for Fixation after Surgery◆
Please take postoperative anti-inflammatory medicine, four times a day, after three meals and before sleep to reduce swelling and prevent inflammation.
Cold press: Please continue to apply cold press within 72 hours after surgery (for three days after surgery), for 15-20 minutes every time and at least 4 times a day.
Hot press: Start applying hot press continuously 72 hours after surgery (the fourth day after surgery), for 15-20 minutes each time and at least 4 times a day.
Wound care: First, dip a cotton swab in saline solution and clean the wound with a dry swab. Apply ointment on the wound once in the morning and evening. Do not be in contact with raw water to avoid infection.
Depending on personal conditions, suture is removed 7-10 days post operation. Contact with raw water to shampoo hair can only be done 24 hours after suture are removed.。
Do not raise the hand above 90 degrees within one week after surgery, so as not to pull the wound.
Do not lift heavy objects within two weeks after surgery to avoid chest swelling. Please sleep in a semi-seated and semi-lying position to help reduce the swelling.
The temporary numbness of the nipple or areola is a normal phenomenon, which will gradually return to normal after several weeks.
Within six months after surgery, a girdle has to be worn for fixation. A wired bra must not be worn for at least six months to avoid improper chest shaping.
Regularly massage breasts within six months after surgery to avoid the generation of a capsule and chest hardening.
During wound healing, avoid excitant foods (such as coffee, tea, tobacco, alcohol, spicy foods, diet pills, herbal medicine, etc.) and foods that are too hard. Take more high-protein foods (such as fish, meat, beans, eggs, milk) to promote wound healing.
Postoperative chest swelling is a normal process, which subsides after 5-7 days. Please have patience for the condition to return to normal, as it may take 3-4 weeks or longer.


Q:Which is better, endoscopic breast augmentation below fascia or below pectoralis major?

A:The location of breast augmentation placement is simply at the location above and below the muscle. It is not distinguished by fascia or pectoralis major. Many surgeons have fabled both procedures, because fascia is like a layer of thin film on the muscle, as if a sheet of toilet paper covers the breast implant. It does not make much difference as far as the sense of touché goes. Pectoralis major on the other hand is simply the muscular layer. A suitable location for each customer is not determined by the surgeon’s skill, but the body size, form, and chest shape.

Q:Why is endoscopic breast augmentation more costly than traditional surgery?

A:There are several reasons endoscopic breast augmentation is more costly than traditional breast augmentation:
1.The surgical time is longer, about one or two more hours longer than traditional breast augmentation, hence the added anesthesia and surgery costs.
2.The most important are the greatly diminished postoperative pain, speedier recovery, minimum bleeding, fewer complications, and natural shape.
3. During the saline solution bag placement process in traditional surgery, surgeons mostly perform surgery solely based on experience and feeling, thus the likelihood of bleeding, never injury, and other complications. Endoscopic breast augmentation is dffenret. Surgeons can gain a clear view of the breast augmentation process with the help of the endoscope, bypassing the nerves and blood vessels and minimizing bleeding. The likelihood of sequelae is also significantly reduced, making augmentation surgery safer.

Q:How should the right size be selected?

A:Breast implant bags are calculated in ml (cc). The calculation is in reference to height, weight, chest width, original breast size, and personal intent, and the size is based on the evaluation of the figure.

Q:Can I breastfeed after undergoing breast augmentation surgery?

A:Breast implant surgery involves placing a breast implant bag below the pectoralis major of the breast, instead of inside the breast tissue. Therefore, the breastfeeding function is not affected. As long as one becomes pregnant after the breasts become tender and natural more than half a year after surgery, breast swelling should not be too unbearable. In addition, most patients who became pregnant after breast augmentation believed that the touch and shape of their breasts after delivery were even more ideal than before they became pregnant.

Q:Is massage necessary after breast augmentation surgery?

A:Postoperative massage is a must. We demand strict compliance of postoperative chest massage, as it can reduce capsular thickening and contracture. Starting the third day after surgery, moderate breast massage should be done. You are requested to return to the clinic for a re-visit every other day for massage therapy, for 20-30 minutes each time. Your surgeon or nurse will guide you through the hand massage. You must also develop the habit of massaging at home, preferably for at least 3-6 months.

Q:How long can breast augmentation last? Can I feel it?

A:Breast augmentation is for life. With proper postoperative care, it may last forever. Breast implant material is generally undetectable. However, if you are too skinny, you might vaguely feel the creases on the water bag at the lower edge of the breast due to the excessively thin subcutaneous fat layer.

Q:When lying down, will my augmented breasts erect like magnolia missiles?

A:It will not happen if capsular contracture does not take place. However, the proximity of augmented breasts to natural breasts has something to do with the following factors:
1.The better the patient’s own conditions (the bustier the breasts and the thicker the subcutaneous fat), the more natural the augmented breast shape will be.
2.The more frequent the massage, the more natural the result.

Q:Is surgery painful? How long will the pain persist?

A:Since endoscopic surgery can clearly bypass the nerves and blood vessels, postoperative pain can be greatly reduced. However, due to the squeezing of the water bag and stripped wound after surgery, slight pain is inevitable. Painkillers may be used to ease the pain in this case.

Q:Is massage needed after surgery? For how long?

A:Commence massage as early as possible until the capsule matures (about 3-6 months).

Q:Do breast implants have a shelf life? When should they be replaced?

A:They can be used for a lifetime. There is no need for replacement if no special circumstances arise.

Q:Is there a need for drainage tube placement after surgery?

A:There is no need for drainage tube placement, because the surgical process is carried out using an endoscope. There will not be much bleeding during the process. Hence, there is no need for drainage tube placement.

Q:When can I resume a normal lifestyle after breast augmentation?

A:Since it is endoscopic breast augmentation surgery, if your work requires no lifting of heavy weights but office work, you may return to work after two or three days. However, in case rigorous activity is needed, especially locomotion of upper arms, it is recommended that you begin work after two or three weeks. We advise you to refrain from sexual activity during the first week after surgery. You may engage in sexual activity thereafter, but you are advised to be gentle to the breasts within the first month to avoid causing unnecessary pain.

Q:Where are the scars that result from endoscopic breast augmentation? What care is needed ? Is cosmetic tape needed?

A:The endoscopic lens is an elongated lens. Therefore, the wound resulted from endoscopic breast augmentation is found at the crease of the armpit. Suture can be removed about 7-10 days after surgery. Prior to suture removal, apply wound ointment in the morning and evening. Avoid contact with water. After suture removal, use anti-scar cream or pigment lightening cream as wound care.

Q:Will rupture or leading result after surgery? If so, will it collapse?

A:Unless one is subject to strong external collision, undergoes chest acupuncture, or applies inadequate massage, resulting in the capsular contracture being too adhesive, breast implant rupture will be result. In case the saline bag ruptures, saline solution leakage may result in collapse. However, if jelly silicone is used, the chest will not collapse, but deformation maybe likely. This is because silicone itself is sticky like mochi (rice cake). Even if the breast implant is cut in half, leakage will not result due to the adhesiveness of the silicone.

Q:Can I still undergo surgery knowing that I have no time to massage?

A:Breast augmentation is for life. You must be mentally prepared that postoperative massage is a must before deciding to undergo surgery. Without postoperative massage, the chest will appear unnatural, feel as hard as stone, or become unleveled, looking more unnatural and unsightly.


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