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Having a perfect s-curve viewed from the side and full and distinctive features are the main features of youth.


Reaching a certain age, the s-curve becomes an L-line, the marionette lines and nasolabial folds merge into one, and cheeks appear sunken, making the face look haggard without vigor.















Skin aging, lack of elastic fibers in the underlying skin, atrophy, and the gravitational pull cause nasolabial lines to deepen, the lines at the corners of the mouth to droop, the cheekbones to sag, and facial skin to sag, and the skin of the low jaw and neck to loosen, forming the Turkey neck and making a facelift the only solution.


♦Effectiveness of Endoscopic Low-face Lift

Endoscopic Low-face Lift can substantially improve low-face aging symptoms, eliminate wrinkles, reduce deep-lying nasolabial lines, and improve lower jaw and neck skin loosening and Turkey neck.

On average, the effectiveness lasts for around 8-10 years, greater effectiveness and much more lasting than popular fine thread lift, feather lift, liquid lift that are commercially available.



Lines at the corners of the mouth, extra flesh in the cheek area, lower jaw and neck loosening, and other symptoms.


The low-face lift can improve lower-face loosening, recreate the v-shaped small face of the lower face area as well as the beautiful and firm lines of the neck.


♦Fixation Material of Endoscopic Low-face Lift

  Endotine Material

Ribbon and Endotine are both made from absorbable and soluble lactic acid. It consists of 27 tines to clamp, lift, and fixate tissues. The patented multi-point fixation with ribbon-like flexibility lifts the soft tissues of the face to effectively improve sagging and loose nasolabial lines, roping lines at the corners of the mouth, and loose chins or Turtle’s neck formed due to aging. “Ribbon” can be completely absorbed by the body about six months after placement, without causing any side effects. Therefore, the “Ribbon” applied in “Endoscopic Low-face Lift” surgery is said to become a trend. “Endoscopic low-face Lift” surgery features “small wound”, “speedy recovery”, and “similar costs compared to traditional lifts”, good news for those who wish to regain youth.

                                Ribbon made up of 27 tines has ribbon-like softness.


♦Comparison of Various Face Firming Techniques



Surgical lift

Fine thread lift

Feather lift


3D Poly-L-lactic acid (3D PLLA) injection

Mesotherapy with ultra sound

Firming technique

Cosmetic surgery Fixed tines

Protein injection Material suture

PDS injection Material barbed suture

Light and thermal stimulation

3D Poly-L-lactic acid (3D PLLA) injection Material stimulation

Thermal stimulation


Over 25years old

Over 30years old

Over 30years old

Over 30years old

Over 30years old

Over 30years old

Recovery period














Firming results