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18 JAN 2016

Goddess of Cosmetic Surgery; Transformation into a Goddess

Taiwan’s most beautiful middle-aged woman manages to look 20 although she is already over 40 years of age.

To restore youth, my advice is to “secure the frame”.

First, think of our face as a house and the skin as the frame of the house. If it becomes “loose”, no matter how much microsurgery you undergo, you will never look younger than you really are.

Other than cost and durability considerations, the degree of skin sagginess is the priority.

To tackle upper face loosening, I underwent scar-free endoscopic upper face+mid facelift.

The tips of the eyebrows often reveal age. Drooping eye tips, crow’s feet towards the tip of the eyes are all evidence of time lost, making people appear tired and old.

The scar-free endoscopic upper face+mid face lift not only helped restore the firmness of my skin, but it also made my eyes look seductive. Even my friends are amazed I look 18 again.

The surgical wound is very small, hardly detectable even right after surgery. It only took about 2 or 3 days for me to completely recover, with barely any flaw but major change after the surgery. I am simply amazed!

To find out more about the secret of the Goddess, check my new book “Cosmetic surgery Goddess Jolin’s Beauty Transformation” I asked the ISAS superintendent to write the Forward of this book. It is an inspirational story of beauty transformation and the magic to becoming beautiful.



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